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Extend Vocal Range, Vocal Harmony And Vocal Strengthen Your Vocal Chord From World's the Best Vocal Coach Pro On Earth

Get into Singing Class With Kim Nolan's Vocal Coach Pro for Singers

Sing with Confidence and Vocal Freedom!

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  • Improve your voice pitch and sing in tune. Bye auto tune for singing forever!

  • Improve your vocal tone and vocal chord to feel confident in front of audiences!

  • Download my FREE easy 5 minute daily warmup vocal lesson for the best voice tuning and pitch correction!

  • Meet Kim Nolan, MM, Voice Coach

    Kim Nolan Vocal Coach — Best Vocal Coach Utah-Vocal Therapy

    Hey! This is Kim Nolan, a singer, recording artist and Professional Voice Coach. I've been training singers for the past two decades and have a Master's Degree in opera performance and graduated from The Manhattan School of Music.  I enjoy teaching pop, musical theatre and classical to students of all ages and supporting singers achieve their goals.  After working with hundreds of singers over the past years, I have found that although every voice is unique, certain exercises are time proven and so I have created this membership site to help singers practice, set goals and connect with me with online classes!  

    Kim Nolan
    Best Vocal Coach Transforms Singer's Voice Nowadays

    Reach more high notes easily, and achieve confidence in your style whether it is musical theatre, classical or pop performances!

    Get on Kim's free Vocal Coach Pro mailing list to get the Latest Tips And Tricks On Vocal Exercises to help you achieve your next success as a vocalist! Your first Free Singing Lesson will be delivered directly to your inbox. This easy warmup is good for beginners of all ages. Easy warmups are good for daily or weekly vocalizing to get a stronger voice and tune in. Practice at your own pace and have fun singing! 

    Should I Get A Vocal Coach Before Backstage Or After?

    Vocal Practice Makes Perfect

    Elevate your singing skills with Professional Vocal Coaching! Receive weekly classes and voice exercises straight to your inbox. Sign up for our email list and get a Free Vocal Lesson now.

    Enhance your style, pitch, tone, and confidence with weekly practice scales and personalized tips. Practice on your schedule and at your own pace, with Real Time progress. Start your journey to becoming a Professional Singer today!

    Nowadays American Pop Singer and Vocal Coach Pro

    You Just Want to Sound Better Without all the Fuss!

    What you will learn in class:

    The technical aspects of breath support singing, voice pitches, voice tones singing, voice resonance and your vocal range. 

    Stage presence mic technique, your unique types of singing styles, confidence and vocal power.

    The basics of singing and how to sound amazing from simple concepts based in the classical Bell Canto technique.

    How to sing any style by using the right amount of vibrato.

    Remote Live Vocal Coaching by Vocal Coach Pro from Professional Singing in Utah

    Upgrade Anytime to Vocal Coach Pro Membership Site

    For more Advanced Students, or if you want access to Special Discount classes and private coaching, the membership site is for you! At a reasonable price that won't break the bank, you can still get the Professional Training you Deserve!

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